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Sami Scuba Senter N.V.

SINCE 1955

Sami Scuba Senter is the result of this lifelong passion. Tourists from all over the world, divers and none divers alike, have been trained by our PADI Instructors/Divemaster since 1985. The highest rated diving school in Boca Sami in Curaçao, equipped with all facilities and our talented, friendly and infinitely patient staff. Diving enthusiasts rave about the unique wonders of the underwater world here in Curaçao and proclaim hands down. It’s the best shore-diving destination in the Caribbean – that is if you can get them to come up for air.

Yolanda and Eric answer the age-old question; Why you should dive with us?

Because we want you to feel the local ambiance. We want you to feel welcomed and feel like a local. As experienced local  Padi dive instructors, Eric and Yolanda Wederfoort offer a dedicated responsible, and high-quality service. Our style is way more personal, we want everyone who comes here to feel like they were personally catered to. That is why we like small groups. We always like to take our time to teach our students the proper way of diving. There is much to explore, it is our responsibility to show you the most beautiful creatures that make part of our underwater ecosystem here in Curacao.

We want you to enjoy like we enjoy every dive because this is our passion!!


Start Your Dive Adventure NOW!

We will teach you everything you need to know about scuba diving and once you have completed it, you will be able to dive anywhere in the world.

Experienced PADI Instructors

Talented, Friendly and Patient.

We are Eric and Yolanda Wederfoort, two local  PADI dive instructors who have been teaching since 1986 and 1988. We have been giving diving lessons with a combined total of more than 90 years. Not only that but we have also been changing life’s and making people happy for the same amount of time. Eric used to teach scuba diving for several other organizations before becoming a PADI instructor.


We can help you with the equipment.

Whether you find yourself short on dive equipment, don’t own your own scuba gear yet, or decided to skip packing and travel light, we are your source for snorkeling and scuba rentals!

Dive sites

We only do shore diving.

Here are some of the dive sites we visit.

Snake bay

Which is famous amongst divers for its beautiful reef and dolphins.

Kokomo beach

For its sandy beach and beautiful reef.

Jan Thiel beach

Enjoy the sandy beach and its vast underwater soft coral reef.


With its famous “wall”.

Playa Grandi

Together we can enjoy the turtles and fishes of all sizes and colors.

Porto Marie

Famous for its double reef and sandy beach.

Marie pampoen

Diving to the left is beautiful, especially with Car Piles.

Superior Producer

Best dive wreck on the island.


Sandy beach, easy entering the water.

Playa Kalki

Well known for their huge mushroom corals.

Cas Abou

With its sandy beach and famous turtles, rays and a beautiful reef.

Tug boat

For its beautiful beach and dive spot with lots of fishes.